Bottled Water Giving Men Sex Changes!

Dr. Mark Sherwood discussed naturopathic medicine and said certain foods and bottled water are changing men into women through an overdose of estrogen. John Carman reported on Russia-Ukraine.  Dr. Bryan Ardis said the venom found […]


The Biggest Conspiracy In The World!

From EPSTEIN’s Mad Scientists to Ghislaine MAXWELL’s Spy Family… Harvard arrests, Chinese National smugglers, Biochemical experiments, Smartphone apps used for MK Ultra mind control experiments, millionaire and billionaire sex cults… WHAT? Yep, a massive conspiracy […]


Will A False Flag Dirty Bomb Trigger Armageddon?

Musical artist Brad Skistimas parodies everything from Joe Biden to Anthony Fauci.Dr. James Fetzer predicts sweeping victories for Republicans in November. Laura Eisenhower discusses frequencies. Nick Alvear previews his documentaries. Leave the world you think […]


Trumpets Of The Apocalypse!

What are the mysterious and apocalyptic sky trumpets reported around the world? The noise is heard by all over the world – but nobody has an explanation. Or maybe they do! To watch the program, […]


Men In Black Cover-Up!

Why is the United States government withholding the horrible truth about the infamous Men In Black? To watch the program, click here:


Sometimes They Come Back!

Jessie Czebotar breaks shocking Trump news. Jenna Bush shapeshifts into a Reptilian and see celebrities who may have lived several lives. To watch the program, click here:


The Man Who Interviewed Jesus!

Peter Crittenden discusses the lack of preparedness of those involved in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.  Dr. James Fetzer presented “Alex Jones Strikes Back” after a jury verdict awarding compensation to the families of the […]


The Toy Box Killer!

Erik The Mind Control Guy discussed the Nephilim giants. Stephanie Schapp talked about Satanic orphanages. Dr. Tau Braun weighed in on the Russia-Ukraine war and bioweapons. Dr. Lana Kontos continued her presentation o n unnecessary […]


Face-To-Face With Grizzly Bigfoot!

Alan Fountain of Georgia Families For Justice says he’s been attacked with direct energy weapons. Ignacio Esteban discusses mass shootings and how to prevent them. Mike Gill confronts corrupt elections officials which kept him off […]

Dark Projects

They’re Using Parasites For Mind Control!

Monica B. and Ayala Nunez from R3TVMinistries discussed artificial intelligence and remote viewing. Rachel Milligan talked the use of parasites and their ability to implement mind control in humans. Jessie Czebotar discusses the end times. […]


How I Escaped A Serial Killer!

Guests For Friday, October 14th, 2022.   Special Guest Susy Q describes a harrowing experience in which she barely escaped with her life from a serial killer. Monica B. shares intel on audio frequencies that […]