Dark Projects

One Super Soldier’s Book Of Secrets!

Monica B. and Jessie Czebotar decode the contents of her super soldier husband’s journal. Penny Shepard has Hellywood Friday. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! To […]


Who Really Rules The World?

  Stephanie Schapp discussed the failures of our educations system after her son with Asperger’s was both physically and emotionally abused in a special ed environment. Jessie Czebotar says that children are being experimented on […]


Are We There Yet?

Pastor Bill MacGregor discusses Biblical prophecy and the End Times. Dr. James Fetzer talks false flags with regards to the January 6th hearings. Dr. Lana Kontos has Wellness Wednesday. Sandy Glaze and Norman Traversy reveal […]

Dark Projects

Tom Hanks’ Clone Dying!

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that the genetically manufactured clone portraying actor Tom Hanks was programmed to contract a disease which would terminate its existence at a point in time after the actor was executed […]


To Keep And Bear Arms: Canada VS. US!

Sandy Glaze and Norman Traversy discuss gun control in Canada and the US. Lana Kontos has Wellness Wednesday. Dr. James Fetzer covers crisis actors. Pastor Bill MacGregor has predictions on what is coming down the […]


History Of The Deep State Part 1

In the first of an ongoing series, we examine the Deep State from its assassination of JFK to 911.For Inner Circle Members only! To watch the program on Dark Outpost TV, click here:


Bombshell: Real Putin Imprisoned Since 2010!

Dark Outpost has obtained exclusive video of Vladimir Putin showing that the Russian Prime Minister has been in prison since 2010, serving a life sentence for abusive of power, theft of state property, financial fraud, […]


Adrenochrome: Blood And Treasure Of The Elites!

Whether human or animal, the blood sacrifice has long been a part of the rituals of many civilizations, past and present, here on Earth. From the Mayans to the Egyptians, the Jews to the Muslims, the Aztecs to the Chinese, the […]