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Dark Outpost LIVE 05.24.2022 Shock: Snake Venom In Baby Formula!

Fresh on the heels of Dr. Bryan Ardis’ stunning revelation that Remdesivir contains snake venom, comes word that baby formula being used to replenish the supply lost due to tainted products and the rest being […]


“I Survived A Christian Church!”

In this edition of the show, you’ll meet Judy Wirhol, with her story of liberation from a Christian church. Jessie Czebotar will discuss witnessing the horrible Hillary Clinton ‘Frazzledrip’ in person. Michelle Stefanick continues naming […]


Shock Rumor: Trump Dead, Replaced!

Credible intel sources are telling Dark Outpost that the real President Donald Trump is dead and has been replaced with a doppelgänger who has been making appearances as Trump, supporting such questionable political candidates as […]

Dark Projects

Babies Being Created Without Souls!

Babies are now being created without souls in incubator pods. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta discussed King Solomon. Was he really the hero the Bible portrays him to be? Is the Old Testament really the […]


Hellywood Friday!

The wife of a Satanic mind-controlled super soldier, going under the identity of Monica B., returns to continue her tale of abuse that led to harrowing experience. Penny Shepard joins us for Hellywood Fridays, this […]


Signs You’re In A Cult!

A cult is most often referred to as an organized group or solitary person whose purpose is to dominate other cult members through psychological manipulation and pressure strategies. Sometimes individuals disagree about whether a group, […]