Puzzle Pieces To The Cabal!

Laura Worley and Monica B. discuss the Texas school shooting, NWO mind control programs, super soldiers and Bioregenesis University. Penny Shepard has Hellywood Friday reports on cloning laws, Kate Spade suicided, and a serial killer’s […]


Demonic Portal Over White House!

A Satanic portal has opened over the White House. Is it there to suck out the evil into the bowels of Hell, or release demons that will threaten the United States? Stephanie Schapp, Brice Watson […]


FEMA To Incinerate Monkeypox Victims!

FEMA plans to incinerate victims of the weaponized Monkeypox virus that is now considered deadly. Dr. James Fetzer will discuss Sandy Hook and the spate of recent school shootings. Dr. Lana Kontos has Wellness Wednesday. […]


Who Owns A Soldier’s Mind?

Who owns a soldier’s mind? We explore the answer to that and other questions with Monica B. Penny Shepard has her Hellywood Friday report. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us […]


“I Survived A Christian Church!”

In this edition of the show, you’ll meet Judy Wirhol, with her story of liberation from a Christian church. Jessie Czebotar will discuss witnessing the horrible Hillary Clinton ‘Frazzledrip’ in person. Michelle Stefanick continues naming […]


Video Evidence Proves Buffalo Shooting False Flag!

Dr. James Fetzer will give his take on the Buffalo shooting with video evidence clearly proving it was another false flag. Recently declassified documents reveal that 15 coal miners were viciously attacked and brutally murdered […]


Shock Rumor: Trump Dead, Replaced!

Credible intel sources are telling Dark Outpost that the real President Donald Trump is dead and has been replaced with a doppelgänger who has been making appearances as Trump, supporting such questionable political candidates as […]


Obama Is Hitler’s Grandson!

Barrack Obama is the grandson of Adolph Hitler on his mother’s side, but he is 100% COMMUNIST on his father’s side. To watch this special report, click the image below:


What Turned This Man Into A Monster?

The wife of a Satanic mind controlled super soldier relives the horrors of her youth, her first marriage and the current situation revolving around her husband who transformed from a military hero to an unrecognizable […]

Dark Projects

Babies Being Created Without Souls!

Babies are now being created without souls in incubator pods. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta discussed King Solomon. Was he really the hero the Bible portrays him to be? Is the Old Testament really the […]


Hellywood Friday!

The wife of a Satanic mind-controlled super soldier, going under the identity of Monica B., returns to continue her tale of abuse that led to harrowing experience. Penny Shepard joins us for Hellywood Fridays, this […]


Signs You’re In A Cult!

A cult is most often referred to as an organized group or solitary person whose purpose is to dominate other cult members through psychological manipulation and pressure strategies. Sometimes individuals disagree about whether a group, […]