Elon Musk Replaced!

New reports coming from reliable sources are indicating that the man calling himself Elon Musk may be a doppelgänger or a clone of the original. Meanwhile, intelligence has uncovered evidence that the original Musk was […]

Dark Projects

Schools Running Secret Grooming Operations!

The parents of two students enrolled at Ludlow Public Schools in Massachusetts are suing the district for conspiring to groom their children into becoming “genderqueer” and “trans” without their knowledge. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta […]


Exercise To Exorcise!

Stephanie Schapp and special guest Ava Ford discuss spiritual hygiene and casting out demons through fitness training. Jessie Czebotar addresses CPS corruption and trafficking. Michelle Stefanick on whistleblowers and government cover-ups. Leave the world you […]

Dark Projects

Are We No Longer Human?

Dr. Bryan Ardis discusses snake venom in our water supply as the cause of COVID-19. Is the Deep State trying to turn us into human-reptilian hybrids? John Carman provides intel inside and outside the beltway […]


Deep State Behind NYC Subway False Flag!

The NYPD is investigating a subway station shooting in Brooklyn, NY, where several people were shot. Is this shooting tied to a much larger Deep State plot? Michelle Stefanick investigates. Dr. James Fetzer will also […]


Did This Secret Destroy Megyn Kelly?

Megyn Kelly has seen her career go from the loftiest heights of stardom to the dustbin of forgotten history. As she attempts to resurrect and reinvent herself, a deep dark secret from her past that […]


Disney Victim Exposes All!

A victim of the Disney empire speaks out about the company and its dark secrets involving freemasonry, Illuminati Satanism and child sex trafficking. The lid is blown off the connection between Disney, Jeffrey Epstein and […]


FOIA Docs: Women Impregnated After UFO Abductions!

The Pentagon has quietly released over 1,500 pages of research detailing how some ‘alien abductees’ were left pregnant with radiation burns after encountering UFOs. The encounters left many Americans suffering from radiation burns, brain and […]


Military Tribunals Moved To Guam!

Military tribunals are now being conducted in Guam. Prison barges are arriving daily with high level elites who will face trials and executions. Dr. Deborah Birx was tried, convicted, and put to death. Disney is […]