And The Oscar Goes To…Pfizer’s False Flag!

New bombshell revelations indicate that the entire Will Smith-Chris Rock incident was a staged event. Jessie Czebotar says it wasn’t even Chris Rock on the Oscar stage but rather a clone. Stephanie Schapp says her […]


Must Watch: Rampaging Robots Kill Scientists!

Twenty-nine scientists were killed by militarized artificial intelligence robots in a program whose existence is being shrouded in mystery. The truth will be exposed. Your Akashic Record or soul book is like a living data […]


Shocker: Justice Clarence Thomas Poisoned!

Stories that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to Sibley Hospital in Washington D.C. after physicians diagnosed him with a viral infection are mostly false, according to a high-ranking “White Hat” military source who […]


Military Arrests Loretta Lynch!

U.S. Marines under command of Col. Todd W. Ferry, Camp Lejeune’s commanding officer, arrested former Attorney General Loretta Lynch at her home in Greensboro, North Carolina. We have the full story. Penny Shepard discusses Hunter […]


Shock Video: Illuminati Cloning Centers!

Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, a certain celebrity seems ever so slightly off? Maybe its an errant beauty mark or the fact that their eyelids have begun to blink sideways. You can feel in […]

Dark Projects

Must Watch: They Just Put This In Your Food!

Shocking new information has just come to light showing that our own government plans to kill every American by putting this substance into all foods. A shocking new television commercial from a famous company is […]


Britney Spears Subjected To Satanic Illuminati Rituals

Pop-star Britney Spears details the “satanic” abuse she suffered at the hands of her “illuminati” handlers during her 13-year conservatorship, including sickening sexual rituals, weekly blood transfusions, and MKUltra medical experiments. A liberal summer camp […]


Putin: We Are Rescuing Biden’s Victims

Vladimir Putin’s Spetznas have rescued hundreds of children in Ukraine who are being held captive and groomed for sex trafficking in the United States. Putin claims that many of these children are under the direct […]