Putin Destroys Ukraine Adrenochrome Labs

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that Vladimir Putin’s special forces have taken several bioweapons facilities as they have bombard eastern Ukraine, targeting not civilians but Western-sponsored bioweapons laboratories that zigzag the countryside. While hunting for […]


Eastbound And Down

U.S. truckers plan to hold their Freedom Convoy protests in solidarity with the Canadian freedom convoy. The convoy, which already had 1,000 trucks committed, plans to drive eastward until it is in Washington D.C., where […]


When Psychics Attack

A renowned Internet psychic counselor has launched unprecedented demonic attacks against members of the truther community. Two of this confirmed Reptilian shapeshifter’s victims are regular guests on the Dark Outpost, as well as having their […]


Proof COVID Vaccines Cause AIDS

Evidence continues to mount showing COVID “vaccines” are causing recipients everywhere to develop AIDS. Stephanie Schapp discusses truth bombs in the new Ghostbusters movie. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposé she calls The One Long Continuum. […]


Convoy To The Apocalypse

Pastor Bill MacGregor has breaking prophecy news regarding the trucker convoy in Canada. Will this signal the beginning of the apocalypse? Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues our deep dive into Debi Pearl’s book on […]


The War You Never Heard About

Ben Pellom returns to discuss a major reveal on the planet Uranus. Riss Flex weighs in on the strange death of a Nobel Prize winner who warned about the dangers of COVID vaccines and suddenly […]


Anna Duggar ‘Stands By Her Man’

Despite his conviction on child pornography charges, Josh Duggar’s wife Anna is ‘standing by her man’. Brice Watson will join us to discuss this development. We’ll also continue our discussion on Michael and Debi Pearl. […]


Spacey’s Brother: He’s A Monster

Most of Randy B. Fowler’s life has been spent living in almost complete obscurity and in the shadows of his famous two-time Academy-Award-winning brother, Kevin Spacey. In his autobiography entitled A Moment in Time-Living in […]


Spiritual Attacks

Stephanie Schapp joins us to discuss spiritual attacks and spiritual hygiene. Jessie Czebotar will delve into secret societies. Michelle Stefanick has bombshell intel on George Magazine. Does JFK Jr. really know the meaning behind the […]