Biden’s Lolita Express

Joe Biden is secretly flying in planeloads of underage migrants and handing them over to the Satanic Sisters of Mercy, where they are trafficked to the elite and politicians. Jessie Czebotar will comment. Michelle Stefanick […]


Trump Vs. The Dark Powers

Franchot Pearson joins us to discuss Donald Trump’s battle against the dark powers. Ginny Silcox goes off the grid and talks about gain of function research. Dr. James Fetzer talks conspiracies. To watch the first […]


Kamala Harris Is A Man!

Another bombshell in the world of political intrigue and deception is revealed as the fake Vice President Kamala Harris has been exposed as a man. Brice Watson continues her deep dive into Yoga and whether […]


Deadliest Of The Species

New evidence on the death of Jessie Czebotar’s son seems to indicate foul play. John Carman will analyze the intel and provide his thoughts. Chris Wilson discusses the deadliest of the Satanic species. The Female […]


Can America Be Saved?

Has the United States seen its last days? Are we headed into the abyss? Franchot Pearson has some stunning revelations. Ginny Silcox goes off the grid with ideas for cheap survival with fire and water. […]