Biden Clone Blows Cover!

One of many Joe Biden body doubles and clones accidentally suffered a brain freeze during a White House Oval Office replica meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. John Carman will discuss this and other […]


Walt Disney To Be Thawed!

Walt Disney was frozen in a cryogenic tank shortly after he died in the hopes that science would one day be able to reanimate his frozen body after a cure for his ailments were found. […]


Chelsea Clinton Arrested!

A Secret Military Detail on Saturday arrested Chelsea Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky while the two were travelling by car from Clinton’s lavish Manhattan condominium to a vacation spot in Rockport, Maryland. The office of […]


Demons Are Sending Texts!

A well-known Catholic priest from Washington D.C., recently suggested that violent demons have learned how to send threatening text messages to taunt their victims, their families and the priests who are trying to save them. […]


No Jab No Job

Joe Biden formally announced the Deep State’s plan to force companies with more than 100 employees to vaccinate workers against the coronavirus or test them weekly and dismissed concerns about encroaching on personal freedoms. There will […]


Dead Men Walkin’

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden’s son Hunter are dead men walking as both have had their military tribunals scheduled. Jessie Czebotar answers your questions on the Illuminati. Michelle Stefanick exposes the African Embassy […]


The 20 Year Lie!

As we near the 20th anniversary of 911, what really happened on that fateful day? Dr. James Fetzer reveals the 20 years of lies. Ginny Silcox discusses what could be expected if the grid goes […]


The Jesus Strand

Scientists may be on the verge of discovering the DNA of Jesus Christ. That’s the revelation explored in a new History Channel documentary titled ‘The Jesus Strand’, in which  a pastor collaborates with a scientist, […]