Cloudy With A Chance Of “Hell No!”

Weekend weather anchor April Moss lost her job at CBS 62 Detroit after she interrupted her live broadcast to announce that she was going to be a source for Project Veritas. Moss Addresses her situation. […]


Hanks’ Execution Agony

Dark Outpost has learned the details of the execution of actor Tom Hanks at Guantanamo Bay. We present the details in this breaking news alert! To watch on Bitchute, click here: To watch on Rumble, […]


Is Satan Winning?

Bob Kudla joins us to discuss the economy. Jessie Czebotar addresses whether or not the forces of darkness and Satan are winning the spiritual war. Peter Kirby presents “The Power Behind The Chemtrails”. Plus…open lines. […]


The Dark Side Of Paranormal

How can you recognize the difference between demons, shadow people and negative earthbound spirits? June Lundgren discusses each of these creatures, weaknesses, fears, appearances, abilities and how to get rid of them…if possible. Ginny Silcox […]


Vaccine Strike Force Coming!

A government document that has recently surfaced offers horrifying details on how door-to-door “strike force” vaccine enforcement teams plan to operate. The document instructs vaccine “strike force” teams how to clear buildings, violate trespass laws […]


The Tactics Of Grooming

Child grooming is a deliberate process by which offenders gradually initiate and maintain sexual relationships with victims in secrecy. Grooming allows offenders to slowly overcome natural boundaries long before sexual abuse occurs. On the surface, […]


Death Of The U.S.A.?

Has the dream that was America died? Emanuel Blue has some answers. Ginny Silcox continues her discussion on directed energy weapons and mind control. Dr. James Fetzer has more in his series on how to […]


In Search Of Bigfoot

Not all of the cryptids encountered by witnesses are Sasquatch. But if not, what are they? Dr. Kimberly McGeorge gives insight into these elusive creatures. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta wraps up our discussion of […]


Martial Law By Labor Day

A false flag second wave of COVID-19 promises to usher in a new lockdown. When this happens, rebellion will occur and the people will rise up against their oppressors. Martial Law will quickly follow. John […]


The Council Of 13

The Council of 13 involves thirteen members, who make up a cabal, with an agenda to usher a new world order. They were first written about by Fritz Springmeier in his 1998 book, Blood Lines […]