Send In The Clones

Cloning is real. Many people in the public eye such as celebrities, Royals and politicians have had themselves cloned. Emanuel Blue gives us the dangerous agenda behind cloning. Ginny Silcox discusses the real threat of […]


The Suicide Murders

It would seem that the normies/ sheeple of the world have not batted an eye at the fact that 14 wealthy celebrities and one royal have all died in the same manner in the past […]


Did Fauci Have Critic Killed?

MAJOR MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH! Call Paulette Britt Right Now If You Or Someone You Know Suffers From MS, Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Parkinson’s, ALS, Or Dementia. (704) 579-0028.   The late Dr Kary Mullis, […]


Black-Eyed Children Real Or Myth?

Black-eyed children are an American contemporary legend of paranormal creatures that resemble children between ages 6 and 16, with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling, or are encountered on […]


Aliens Or Demons?

Demonologist Nathaniel Gillis discusses whether aliens are demonic. Ginny Silcox explains electromagnetic radiation, 5G and why magnets are sticking to vaccinated people. Dr. James Fetzer on why the state of Connecticut is telling healthcare workers […]


Fauci Prepping To Flee The U.S.!

Donald J. Trump and the U.S. military have expressed unease over Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent real estate acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Panama, heightening concerns that the Deep State doctor might flee the […]


Military Indicts Liz Cheney

After House Republicans voted to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her House leadership post, and she pledged to make sure Donald J. Trump never gets “near the Oval Office again,” the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate […]

Dark Projects

Vaccine Is Self Spreading

Most Americans are saying no to the (Covid-19) vaccines despite the deep state’s best efforts to sway them. It may not matter, though, because the jabs are self-spreading, meaning the vaccinated are effectively vaccinating the […]