Obama Ran White House Pedo Ring

Child trafficking by the Obama/Biden Administration using the Clinton Foundation was well known in the intelligence community. The extensive network of Child Sex Trafficking was believed organized by the Black Hats, or Illuminati at the […]


The Night Hillary Was Hanged

The night Hillary Clinton was executed at Guantanamo Bay was filled with anguish, tears, begging, pleading, hysterics and rage. You’ll get a minute-by-minute description of what happened on the evening of December 31st, 2018. Bob […]


Cabal Feeds Humans To Aliens

According to very credible research by Ryushin Sean Malone, extraterrestrial beings have been harvesting and consuming human beings. They work in conjunction with the global cabal through agreements made between governments and aliens in exchange […]


Delta Force Guarding Mar-a-Lago

Delta Force operators have been protecting Donald J. Trump and his Mar-a-Lago command center since the end of March. Secret Service agents assigned to safeguard him colluded with members of the Biden administration, leaking details […]

Dark Projects

Forced Vaccinations Begin

We have been told repeatedly that the COVID-19 vaccinations will never become mandatory. Yet several states have already been implementing forced injections, checkpoints, monitoring devices and detention at military facilities for those who do not […]


Incest To Be Legalized?

If it isn’t bad enough that the LGBTQ community is attempting to make pedophilia a lifestyle choice, now they are also demanding that marriage between siblings, and between parents and adults be legalized. John Carman […]


Demons Materializing On Earth

Demons are manifesting and demon possession is happening like never before in history. Tonight, we’ll explain the reasons behind this phenomenon. Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness Returns to answer your questions. Peter A. Kirby […]

Dark Projects

Masked For Eternity

The World Economic Forum wants you to wear a COVID mask for the rest of your life by promoting one that tells you when you are allowed to breathe fresh air and alerts you (and […]

Dark Projects

We’ve All Been Cloned

Dark Outpost has learned that every child born in the United States since 1954 has been cloned as part of a treaty with extraterrestrials that Dwight D. Eisenhower made. Cloning facilities exist in deep underground […]


Demon Lands On Vatican Roof

Hundreds of people witnessed what appears to be a demon landing on the roof of the Vatican and then flying off. An expert presents evidence that extraterrestrials are fallen angels abducting humans. We will also […]