Joe Biden Is Not Human

Tonight, we break the news that Joe Biden has been replaced by several clones, created in a Deep Underground Military Base at Dulce, New Mexico. Then, Dr. James Fetzer joins us to discuss cloning, and […]



Tonight on the program we examine the existence of vampires. Special guest Brice Watson helps us trace back their history all the way to Adam & Eve. We discuss the real Dracula, and vampires in […]


Will Trump Concede?

The 2020 presidential election remains in flux even though the mainstream media has called it for Joe Biden. Pressure is mounting for Donald Trump to concede, even from his own campaign team and closest advisors. […]


The Chaos IS The Plan

Minds – by James Corbett Congratulations, Americans! The media that declares the winners of your (s)elections have reported that the voting machines that decide the winner of your (s)elections have (s)elected Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. […]