Dark Projects

Masked For Eternity

The World Economic Forum wants you to wear a COVID mask for the rest of your life by promoting one that tells you when you are allowed to breathe fresh air and alerts you (and […]

Dark Projects

We’ve All Been Cloned

Dark Outpost has learned that every child born in the United States since 1954 has been cloned as part of a treaty with extraterrestrials that Dwight D. Eisenhower made. Cloning facilities exist in deep underground […]


Adrenochrome Harvesting Goes Mainstream

Powerful tech corporations are putting billions of dollars into startups that intend to harvest the blood of children for the purposes of rejuvenation and anti-aging. Adrenochrome is about to go mainstream. Plus…John Carman discusses border […]


Demon Lands On Vatican Roof

Hundreds of people witnessed what appears to be a demon landing on the roof of the Vatican and then flying off. An expert presents evidence that extraterrestrials are fallen angels abducting humans. We will also […]


Parasites Found In COVID Masks

A new video shows what appears to be parasitic creatures infesting a COVID mask commonly sold and worn in the United States. Is our government trying to infect citizens with some other disease for nefarious […]

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