Dark Projects

Strange Days Strange Skies

We are living in strange days. And recent events in the skies over our earth are even more strange. Chemtrails are being blamed for everything from COVID-19 to Morgellons. One individual even claims they are […]


Demon In The White House

Paranormal investigators believe there’s a demon in the White House. John Carman will weigh in. Actor Nick Mancuso also joins the fray. Cirsten W. will be here with the latest intel. Leave the world you […]


Are We There Yet?

With the nation appearing deeply divided over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, how close are we to civil war in America? With 5G cell towers seemingly popping up everywhere, and with COVID vaccines threatening to combine […]


Stargate At Area 51

Images captured by Google Maps show some structures or military complex with a kind of “Stargate” device, a short distance from the famous Area 51. John Carman will weigh in on this and other stories. […]


Mind Over Monsters

Meghan Walsh, Penny Shepard and Hellywood Reporter Mike Pack on MKUltra in the media and entertainment with emphasis on serial narcissist John Walsh. Dr. Lana Kontos discusses cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss and more. […]

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