Ivanka’s War: One Woman’s Crusade Against PizzaGate

Ivanka Trump is making it a mission to end the child sex trafficking scandal known as PizzaGate and bring those responsible to justice. David Zublick breaks it down in this special report.

3 Responses to Ivanka’s War: One Woman’s Crusade Against PizzaGate

  1. Waiting4justice says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it because of the people involved. People like the Clinton’s, the Bushs, Barack Obama, most of our “high up big shots” in both Washington D.C. and Hollywood are involved and at the heart of this #rap is satanic ritual abuse and child sacrifice.

    Goes all the way to the top.

    Will never happen.

    They tptb the people that really run the planet are all compromised.

    A few lower level goons will get thrown under the bus to appease the public but this is Aleister Crowley magick (with a k) stuff – real devil worship and it ain’t going away.

    God have mercy on us.

  2. TheFinder says:

    If they thoroughly investigate #Pizzagate, they will find the trough from where the beast are feeding………then they can begin the #DRAINTHESWAMP…….

    90% of DC gov’t is in on the pedophile ring……#Pizzagate is right at the center of all the corruption……..break this open and you will find the #SWAMPDWELLERS……….

  3. Donald McElroy says:

    I just wish they would hurry up and drain that swamp !!

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