Murderous Moms: Did Silly String Send Darlie Routier To Death Row?

Murderous Moms: Did Silly String Send Darlie Routier To Death Row?

In the wee hours of June 6, 1995, 26-year-old mother-of-three Darlie Routier screamed in horror. Two of her three sons — Damon, age 5, and Devon, age 6 — had been stabbed to death. More »

FBI Sex Trafficking Sting Rescues Nearly 160 Children In Atlanta

FBI Sex Trafficking Sting Rescues Nearly 160 Children In Atlanta

A sex trafficking sting in metro Atlanta has resulted in dozens of arrests and the rescue of nearly 160 children, the FBI announced this week. More »

Video: Memphis Grandma Locked Kids In Pet Kennels & Went For A Drive

Video: Memphis Grandma Locked Kids In Pet Kennels & Went For A Drive

A grandmother who allegedly put her two grandchildren in pet kennels and took them on a ride around Memphis, Tennessee, has been charged with child endangerment. More »

Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnapper Could Be Released Soon; Is She Hunting New Girls?

Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnapper Could Be Released Soon; Is She Hunting New Girls?

On March 13, 2003, a tip led investigators to the home of Brian David “Emmanuel” Mitchell and his partner, Wanda Barzee — a pair of sexually twisted religious fanatics turned kidnappers. More »

Did Lizzie Borden Really Kill Her Father & Stepmother With An Ax?

Did Lizzie Borden Really Kill Her Father & Stepmother With An Ax?

“Lizzie Borden took an ax. And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done,She gave her father forty-one.” More »


Woman Cut Off Boyfriend’s Penis With Garden Shears For Leaking Sex Tape: Report

CORDOBA, ARGENTINA — According to multiple reports, when one woman in Argentina discovered her boyfriend showed a sex tape the couple made to his friends, she allegedly nipped the situation in the bud — by using using garden shears to

Breaking: “Golden State Killer” Suspect Arrested — Ex-Cop Joseph James DeAngelo, 72

VENTURA COUNTY, CA — The Daily Beast is reporting that authorities have arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, on charges connected to the long-elusive case of the Golden State Killer (GSK). Authorities believe DeAngelo is a military veteran and former police

Breaking: Bill Cosby Found Guilty On All Counts In Sex Assault Trial

NORRISTOWN, PA — A jury has convicted Bill Cosby, 80, on three charges of aggravated indecent assault. He could now face up to 10 years in prison for each count. Related: Bill Cosby — 5 Possible “Warning Signs” We All

Did Mom Kill Her Two Young Boys For Occult Ritual Or GoFundMe Money?

BROCKTON, MA — A Massachusetts mother of five who allegedly stabbed her two young sons to death may have been seeking money and fame, according to prosecutors. An autopsy showed that Latarsha L. Sanders, 43, stabbed her eight-year-old son, Edson

Incest Dad Allegedly Kills His Daughter & Their Baby In Multi-State Murder-Suicide

HENRICO, VA — Steven Pladl, a North Carolina man who married and fathered a child with his own daughter, apparently killed that daughter, their baby, and his daughter’s adoptive dad before turning the gun on himself. Related: Florida Mom Accused

Construction Worker Unloads Nail Gun Into Coworker, Then Runs Away: Cops

A construction worker in Oregon is expected to face attempted murder charges after he allegedly shot a coworker repeatedly with a nail gun. According to KPTV, the suspect and victim were working together Friday on a project at a construction

Police Release Graphic New Images From Scene Of ‘Slender Man’ Stabbing

Graphic new details surfaced this week in the disturbing stabbing — dubbed the “Slender Man” case — of a 12-year-old girl in a 2014 attack perpetrated by her schoolmates. With Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, who were in sixth grade

Facebook Live Murder: Ex-Boyfriend Asks Mom Of 3 If She Wants To Be ‘Famous’ Before Shooting Her To Death

A Louisana man is accused fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend Thursday morning while she streamed on Facebook Live. KTBS reported that Johnathan Robinson, 36, is also accused of wounding an officer in the wrist during the shootout that left Rannita Williams, 27, dead.

Woman Set Ablaze By Boyfriend Can Testify Against Him After Her Death

An Ohio woman who died after her boyfriend allegedly lit her on fire has been allowed to testify in the man’s murder trial posthumously through a video made prior to her death, the Daily Mail reports. Michael Slager is accused

BREAKING: Police Find Body Of Suspect Who Killed Mom, Friend Before Posting Gruesome Details On Facebook

Mississippi authorities found a male body on Monday morning believed to be a man who killed his mother and friend in a Tennessee home on Sunday. According to a Facebook post by the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department, authorities located the

Woman Decapitates Boyfriend, Then Asks Cops To ‘Let Me Get My Heads’: Report

On Monday, a judge ordered a mental evaluation for a West Virginia woman accused of beheading her boyfriend. West Virginia MetroNews reports that the body of Bo Allen White, 29, was found inside his Lerona home on April 1. The newspaper

‘Cold-Blooded Execution:’ Man Slits Travel Agent’s Throat In Front Of Children After Bitter Breakup

A British court has convicted a man of murdering a travel agent who was involved in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, as reported by The Guardian. Andrew Burke, 31, was sentenced to a minimum of 26 years behind bars on

“Millionaire Matchmaker” Contestant Accused Of Raping Multiple Women In “House of Horrors”

LOS ANGELES, CA — California police are searching for additional victims of a former Millionaire Matchmaker contestant who has been accused of drugging and raping at least three women. Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department–Van Nuys Division have asked

Is Scott Peterson Innocent? Meet The True Believers Who Say He Didn’t Kill Laci

As even the most casual true crime observers know, Scott Peterson is sitting on Death Row for the murders of his eight-months-pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn son, Connor Peterson, back on Christmas Eve 2002. Related: Crime History —

Mom Takes Saw To Autistic Son’s Neck, Claims He ‘Needed To Die’ Before He Became ‘Burden To Society’: Cops

A Maryland mother who said she was “overwhelmed” at the prospect of raising two autistic children reportedly told hospital staff that she “tried to kill her kids again” upon arriving earlier this month with an injured 11-year-old son, according to

Family Outraged After Man Who Broke Into Home & Stabbed A Young Boy 20 Times In neck, Head Is Found NOT Guilty Due To Insanity

A Kentucky family is devastated after a man who killed a 6-year-old boy and assaulted the child’s family members was found not guilty earlier this month by reason of insanity. The Indy Star reports that a Lexington jury concluded that Ronald

‘Dad’ Breaks 12 Of His Own Infant Daughter’s Bones In Series Of Brutal Beatings: Cops

Rhode Island police have arrested a man and accused him of abusing his own infant daughter, as reported by WPRI. Alfonso Acevedo, 28, is alleged to have doled out many brutal beatings to the 2-month-old girl, which came to the

Wisconsin Man Jailed For Making Boy Pee In His Mouth, Said It “Wasn’t Sexual”

NEW RICHMOND, WI — After being arrested in 2016 for ordering a five-year-old boy to urinate into his mouth on three occasions, 70-year-old Richard Zeier has been sentenced to three and a half years in jail, followed by eight years

Female Admirers Flood Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz With Love Letters & Sexy Pics

PARKLAND, FL — Confessed school shooter Nikolas Cruz is reportedly receiving “stacks” of fan mail along with $800 in donations (so far) for his commissary account at the Broward County Jail. Related: “I’m Going To Be A School Shooter” —

‘Pastor’ Starves Toddler For Weeks To Remove Demons, Holds ‘Resurrection Ceremony’ For Dead Body

A Texas jury this week found a woman guilty of felony injury to a child causing serious bodily injury in connection with her role in the 2015 death by starvation of a Dallas toddler. According to Fox News, Aracely Meza,