Documentarian Nick Broomfield turned his jailhouse interviews with her into two acclaimed nonfiction films, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer (1993) and Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer (2003). More popularly, Charlize Theron won a Best Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of Wuornos in the acclaimed drama, Monster (2003).

On TV, Jean Smart played Wuornos in the film Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story (1992) and Lily Rabe tackled the character in 2015 on American Horror Story: Hotel.

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More esoteric takes followed in the form of Wuoronos, an opera performed at the Yerba Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and “Iron Lady,” a musical tribute by avant-garde singer Diamanda Galas.

In 2013, the New York Daily News reported that The Last Resort, the bar where police picked up Wuornos, remained a tourist attraction, even boasting a mural of the killer on its wall.

Behind it all is a horrific life story that ended with the taking of other lives. Aileen Wuornos never knew peace while she lived — and killed — among us. Then, with every June 6 that has come and gone since her execution, she hasn’t come back like she said she would, either. For that, it’s difficult to blame her.

To learn more about Aileen Wuornos, watch the “Monster” episode of Investigation Discovery’s Reel Crime/Real Story on ID GO now!

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