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Judge Orders 10-Year-Old Girl To Visit Father Who Terrifies Her, Throws Mom In Jail When Girl Misses Visit

The older sister is no longer required to visit the father after her severe anxiety about the visits put her in the hospital for five days The mother of a ten-year-old girl so terrified of her father that she gets

Mom And Three Children Found Dead Were Murdered, Set On Fire: Report

A Massachusetts mother and her three children were found dead Thursday in their home and appeared to have been burned, the Telegram and Gazette reports. On Saturday, District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. described the deaths as homicides in a

Mother, Stepfather Murder 10-Year-Old Girl After Beating Her With Belt, Metal Mop And Their Fists: DA

The little girl was reportedly beaten so badly before death, she couldn’t talk without slurring her words. A Maine man and woman are behind bars after allegedly murdering a little girl who was put through extreme torture and abuse prior

‘Dad’ Suggests Suicidal 12-Year-Old Son Light Himself On Fire, Shoot Himself In The Head: Cops

A 12-year-old boy was hospitalized for burns after his own father allegedly advised him to set himself on fire. According to the Associated Press, Michael Joseph Jensen, 36, of Claremore, Oklahoma, has been charged with child neglect after he allegedly

Washington Teen Allegedly Raped Girl Dying From Drug OD, Texted “LOL” Pics To Friends

LYNNWOOD, WA — According to court documents, Brian Roberto Varela, 19, raped Alyssa Mae Noceda, 18, as she lay dying from a drug overdose on February 3 — then texted photos to his friends and later used her thumb to

‘She Looked Like A Holocaust Victim’: Videos Reveal 3-Year-Old’s ‘Life Of Torture’ Before She Died

Authorities on Friday revealed footage showing how the parents of a 3-year-old Utah girl abused her before she died, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. In July, the girl, Angelina Costello, was found dead in her family’s home. Prosecutors have charged

Foster ‘Dad’ Says He Broke Infant’s Bones Because She Was ‘Fussy’: Police

An Indianapolis man is facing criminal neglect and battery charges after he admitted to injuring his 2-month-old foster child, who was hospitalized with bruising and 35 broken bones, WISH-TV reports. Court documents show Kyle Rice, 26, told doctors at Riley

‘He Is Dying Tonight for Sure’: Teen Parents Reportedly Waterboard Baby, Hold Plastic Bag Over His Head

A baby in Australia appears to have been subjected to appalling abuse by his teenage parents, in one instance being waterboarded by the couple, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Videos uploaded to Snapchat Saturday night depict the child crying and

Man Beats Toddler, Leaves Him Covered In Cuts And Bruises As Mother Is Away At Work: Cops

A Florida man was arrested recently on suspicion of aggravated child abuse for an attack that left a young boy with multiple injuries including two severely swollen black eyes. As the Pensacola News Journal reported, 35-year-old Albert Lee McClammy is

‘House Of Horrors’ Siblings To Get College Scholarships After Suffering Unthinkable Neglect And Torture While Held Captive In Their Own Home

The City of Perris, California, and the Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation have unveiled a scholarship program aimed at providing the 13 siblings allegedly subjected to unthinkable torture with a college education. In a statement, the foundation announced the creation of the “Perris Bright

Photos Reveal Horrific Abuse Of Teen Natalie Finn And Siblings As Mother Sentenced For Daughter’s Starvation Death

An Iowa mother who starved her teen daughter to death has been handed three consecutive life sentences without the opportunity for parole. Natalie Finn, 16, weighed only 81 pounds when she died of cardiac arrest in October 2016, after she

1-Month-Old Boy Dies After Dad Repeatedly Uses Bone-Breaking ‘Practice’ To Quiet His Cries: Cops

Authorities in Indiana elevated the charges against a man accused of battery after an autopsy determined his newborn son’s death was caused by asphyxiation by homicide. According to WRTV, 23-year-old Orlando Mota was arrested last year after medics found 1-month-old

From Black Sabbath To ‘Puff The Magic Dragon’: Here Are The Favorite Bands Of America’s Most Notorious Killers

America’s most notorious, and prolific, murderers enjoyed music, just like the rest of us. However, the bands and artists they chose to like can potentially give us a window inside their heads reveal the methods behind their cold-blooded madness. Here

Family Stomps On Pregnant 13-Year-Old Raped By Her Brother Until She Miscarries, Then Burns Remains On A Grill

A 13-year-old Texas girl who was raped by her brother miscarried the child after members of her family took turns stomping on her, the Dallas Morning News reports. Many of those family members have now been sentenced to prison in

More Victims In The House of Horrors? Police May Send Cadaver Dogs To Search Turpin Home, Where 13 Children Were Held Captive For Years

Investigators are considering sending cadaver dogs into the home of David and Louise Turpin, where their 13 malnourished and abused children were rescued earlier this month. The dogs could help detect whether there are other children who did not survive

Woman Arrested For Assaulting Her Husband With … Delicious Pizza

WESTPORT, CT — A Connecticut woman was arrested after allegedly assaulting her husband with pizza during a domestic dispute in the early hours of Sunday morning. Related: NYPD Searches For Kayaker Thought To Be Missing, He Just Wanted “Real Brooklyn

How To Send An Uplifting Holiday Message To A Prison Rape Survivor

‘Tis the season of giving and thinking of others. Some people who might not normally be on your mind, but could use a message of support are those who are serving their time behind bars and dealing with unintended suffering

OPERATION MINDCRIME: MK-Ultra, LSD & Psychedelic Outrages Committed By The CIA

LANGLEY, VA — When pondering psychedelic drug icons, certain subjects race float to mind: Harvard-scientist-turned-“acid”-guru Dr. Timothy Leary, for example; or perhaps “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” by the Beatles; or maybe even the entire existence of the Grateful

WTF? Surgeon Admits To Branding His Initials On 2 Patients’ Livers

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND — Doctors in the UK got a shock during an operation when they found an accomplished surgeon’s initials branded on the patient’s liver. Related: Depraved Mom Literally Branded Her Daughters Like Livestock Just So Everyone Would Know They

After Woman Found Chained Up On Man’s Property, He Writes Letter Confessing To Multiple Secret Killings

Todd Kohlhepp suggested there could be dozens more victims, far from the rural property where he kept a woman chained by her neck after murdering her boyfriend The man who kept a young woman shackled to a metal storage crate