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Arrest Warrant: Mother Put Children In Oven, Turned It On

WARNING: This story contains graphic details that many readers will find disturbing. Reader discretion is strongly advised. ATLANTA — An Atlanta mother accused of killing her two young sons put them in an oven and turned it on, according to

Florida Stripper Stabs Partner In Both Eyes, Forces Piece Of Wood Down Throat During Dispute Over Cannibalism: Cops

Florida police have arrested a suspect accused of murdering their partner during a dispute over cannibalism, as reported by the Palm Beach Post. Justin Calhoun, 24, was picked up in August after allegedly stabbing their partner, Mark Brann, in both eyes

Indiana Couple Accused Of Locking Teen Girl In Wooden Cage, Molestation

HUNTINGBURG, IN — An Indiana dentist has been arrested and accused of molesting his 14-year-old daughter, who has a disability. He and his wife allegedly held her captive in a cage, secured with a chain and a combination lock. Alan

LURED TO THEIR DEATHS‘Cannibal Couple Hunted For Victims On Dating Sites Before Drugging, Butchering And Eating Them’

A SUSPECTED cannibal couple lured victims using dating sites before drugging, butchering and eating them, it has been claimed. Dmitry Baksheev, 35, and his wife Natalia, 42, have reportedly confessed to killing at least 30 people in Russia over two

SUICIDE BY SNAKE: Lovesick Snake Expert Live Streams His Own Agonizing Suicide After Letting A Deadly Black Mamba Bite His Hand

A HEARTBROKEN snake expert filmed himself dying on a live stream broadcast – after he let his pet black mamba bite his hand in the wake of his marital breakdown. Arslan Valeev, 31, from St Petersburg, Russia pleaded with viewers to

Sicko Allegedly Rapes Brain-Injured Stroke Victim In Bronx Hospital Bed

BRONX, NY — The NYPD has arrested Keith Nembhard, 37, for raping a 32-year-old stroke victim in her bed at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital [Wikimedia Commons] A nurse reportedly walked in on Bronx resident Nembhard in the process of committing

3 Elderly Brothers Arrested After Cops Find Huge Stash Of Child Porn, Satanic Writings & Evidence Of Crimes

SEATTLE, WA — Three elderly brothers living together in Seattle have been arrested after police say they discovered an immense collection of child pornography, little girls’ clothing, and disturbing writings about raping and murdering children inside their cluttered home. Related:

Convicted Rapist Who Carries Illegal Weapons Found Working At Rape Counseling Center: Police

A convicted rapist was found to be working at a rape counseling center in California. The Daily News reports that Damon Rodgers has been working as a security guard at Rape Counseling Services in Fresno, California, despite two previous rape

Is R. Kelly Holding Women Hostage In An Abusive Sex Cult?

Shocking new allegations have surfaced that R. Kelly is allegedly running an abusive “sex cult,” according to a report published by BuzzFeed.  Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — all former members of Kelly’s inner circle — told BuzzFeed that Kelly controls the lives of

Boyfriend Of Woman Whose Butchered Body Parts Were Found In Brooklyn Is Charged With Murder

HACKENSACK, NJ — Authorities have charged the boyfriend of a New Jersey night club manager whose dismembered remains were found in a New York City waterway with her murder. Related: DNA Links Unidentified “Peaches” Torso From 1997 To 2011 Long

Parents Arrive Home To Find Babysitter Sexually Assaulting Infant Girl, Taking Photos: Report

The family friend had only been left alone with the baby for a few minutes A Missouri man has been charged with statutory sodomy after the parents of an infant girl walked on him allegedly assaulting the baby while masturbating

Woman’s Blood Reportedly Found Inside Boyfriend’s Bathroom Just Days After Police Found Her Torso And Leg In River

A woman’s torso and leg was found washed up in two different areas in New York City on Saturday and reportedly, her blood has been found inside her boyfriend’s apartment. New York Daily News reports that authorities discovered the decapitated and

“Hell’s Realtor Greets You”: Real Estate Rapist’s Facebook Posts Are A Window Into A Disturbed Mind

BUCKS COUNTY, PA — The Pennsylvania man who kept a detailed diary of rape fantasies and hundreds of real estate agents’ addresses on file in an attempt to lure an agent to a house and attack her has disturbing messages on

Mother Of Two, Former Beauty Queen Dies After Boyfriend Douses Her In Gasoline And Sets Her On Fire

Judy Malinowski lived for almost two years after the horrific attack Two years after her ex-boyfriend committed an unthinkable act of violence, Judy Malinowski lost her life at age 33 as a direct result of his heinous actions. On August 2,

Was A Dying Boy Given Illegal Drugs By A Prominent Doctor To Speed Up His Death And Preserve His Organs For Donation?

Authorities in Los Angeles County are investigating an accusation that an anesthesiologist purposely administered a powerful painkiller to a dying boy in order to speed up his death and harvest his organs. Los Angeles Times reports that Dr. Judith Brill,

“Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher Is Back In New York And Says She Can’t Get A Date

LONG ISLAND, NY — “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher, who became infamous after shooting the wife of her 35-year-old lover when she was only 17, has come back to New York. Fisher, now 42, revealed that she decided to leave Florida,

The Girl In The Box: The Horrifying Captivity Of Colleen Stan

Colleen Stan fancied herself an experienced hitchhiker back in 1977. The 20-year-old’s long, wavy brown hair flowed behind her as she stuck out her thumb for a ride on May 19 of that year. Two drivers had offered her a

Nefarious Nannies: 5 Wicked So-Called “Caregivers”

Oftentimes, a nanny or a regular babysitter can take on the role of the “other mother” in a child’s life. In the following horrific cases, though, these professionals who had been entrusted with the care of young innocents instead became

Mom Watched Daughter’s Rape And Murder Before Having Sex And Making Dinner With Her Killer: Police

Monster mom told police that watching her daughter’s assault gave her ‘sexual gratification’ Prosecutors in New Mexico are preparing for the trials of the three adults charged with the brutal murder of ten-year-old Victoria Martens. The accused include the little

Child Trafficking Victim Speaks Out – ‘PizzaGate Is Real!’

Becki Percy, a victim of pedophilia and child sex trafficking at the hands of her parents, speaks out about her horrific ordeal. She has her own YouTube channel,…, where you can learn more. David Zublick unseals the truth about