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Killer Couple: Serial Killing Seniors Ray & Faye Copeland Made Quilts From Their Victims’ Clothes

While most grandparents take up knitting or fly fishing in their golden years, elderly couple Ray and Faye Copeland had other ideas — the couple became serial killers in their seventies, and were the oldest couple in the United States

Killer Couple: Charlene & Gerald Gallego, “The Sex Slave Killers”

Between 1978 and 1980, married sexual sadists and serial murderers Charlene Adelle Gallego and Gerald Armond Gallego killed a total of 10 victims in and around Nevada and northern California. All but one of those who fell prey to the

Serial Killer Carpenter Tony “Chop Chop” Costa & His Garden Of Horror

PROVINCETOWN, MA — Antone Charles “Tony” Costa, who would grow up to become a serial-killing carpenter whose string of murders attracted international attention, was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on August 2, 1944. Related: Carpenter Found Guilty Of Killing Long

Close Friend Of Serial Killer Ted Bundy Speaks Out For The First Time

For the first time, a woman who was best friends with Ted Bundy’s long-term girlfriend has revealed the details of her close friendship with the serial killer. Related: Meet A Woman Who Helped Stop Ted Bundy And Nearly Died In

Was The Unabomber Also The Zodiac & The Tylenol Killer?

The Unabomber, Zodiac, and the Tylenol Killer — that’s about as unholy a trinity as one could ever hope to never come across Related: Crime History — “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski Pleads Guilty, Gets 8 Life Sentences Each notorious slayer became

Pat Allanson, The Sadistic Southern Belle Who Allegedly Got Away With Multiple Murders

On the night of July 3, 1974, while the residents of Zebulon, Georgia, were busy celebrating Independence Day with picnics and fireworks, prominent local couple Walter and Carolyn Allanson were viciously gunned down in the basement of their home. Earlier

A Look Back: Necrophiliac Serial Killer Joel Rifkin Arrested, Confessed To Killing 17 Victims

MINEOLA, LONG ISLAND — On June 28, 1993, Joel Rifkin, the unemployed landscaper who had killed 17 women and was driving around with one of their corpses in the back of his truck, was arrested. State troopers, after noticing Rifkin’s vehicle didn’t

“The Internet’s First Serial Killer”: John Edward Robinson, The “Internet Slavemaster”

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS — To his neighbors, John Edward Robinson was a churchgoing family man. But on June 2, 2000, Kansas City police arrested Robinson at his farm after a woman filed a sexual-battery complaint against him, and another charged

Real-Life American Psychos Who Murder For Money: The Rise Of The Red-Collar Criminal

Currently, the FBI and law-enforcement agencies define white-collar criminals as “nonviolent” offenders whose primary motive is money. But experts have identified another subset of criminals who commit financial crime, and then resort to extreme violence when their fraud is exposed. Just

“Facebook Killer” Ordered McNuggets During His Final Moments; Abused Pet Bird As A Child

New details are being revealed about the last moments and disturbing childhood habits of Steve Stephens, the gunman who reportedly killed an elderly Cleveland resident in cold blood and posted footage of the murder on Facebook. Stephens, 37, allegedly gunned down

Could Polish Serial Killer George Chapman Have Been Jack The Ripper?

On April 7, 1903, Polish serial killer George Chapman — who some experts believe could have been Jack the Ripper — was executed by hanging at Wandsworth Prison after police connected him to the poisoning deaths of three women. Chapman, who was

“Tiger Woman” Louise Peete, Who Left Trail Of Bodies In Her Wake, Gets The Gas Chamber

On April 11, 1947, Louise Peete took her final seat in the death house at California’s San Quentin State Prison. Despite overwhelming evidence, comically unbelievable alibis, and the unmistakable fact of dead bodies piling up repeatedly in her wake, the

Crime History: Jason Massey, Serial Killer Fan Turned Teen Murderer, Executed In 2001

On April 3, 2001, Jason Eric Massey, 28, spoke his last words in the death chamber of the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville. Related: Karla Faye Tucker Was the First Woman Executed in Texas Since 1863 While awaiting execution, Massey

Prison Records Reveal Suspected Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Was A Seriously Disturbed Teen

Newly released records from the Arizona Department of Corrections reveal details about alleged South Carolina killer Todd Kohlhepp’s criminal history, which stretches back to the time he was arrested for rape at only 15 years old. Kohlhepp was arrested last year after police

Crime History: A Look Back At “Killer Clown” Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

On March 12, 1980, a jury found serial killer John Wayne Gacy, Jr., guilty of murdering 33 teenage boys and young men in Illinois. Gacy became known as the “Killer Clown” because he was known for dressing up for children’s

Truth Unsealed: The Zodiac Killer And PizzaGate

EXCLUSIVE: David Zublick sheds new light on the infamous Zodiac Killer! Zodiac expert Professor Thomas Horan’s investigation leads to only one conclusion. The killings and the cover up were committed by Napa County and Vallejo law enforcement, entities now firmly

Crime History: The “Beast Of Jersey” Was A Real-Life Boogeyman

We’ve all heard tales of the Boogeyman, but for 13 kids in the 1960s, the nightmares were absolutely real. THE BACKGROUND The man who became known as the “Beast of Jersey” was born Edward John Louis Paisnel in 1925. Jersey is

Crime History: Ted Bundy Dies Weeping In The Electric Chair As Crowds Cheer

Notorious serial rapist, murderer, and necrophile Theodore Robert Bundy, 42, spent the early hours of January 24, 1989, in prayer. He also couldn’t stop crying. The previously arrogant and cocksure slayer and violator of at least 36 women (some sources

A Look Back: The Real Sweeney Todd, “Demon Barber Of Fleet Street,” Executed

Sweeney Todd is best known as the fictional murderous barber who was immortalized in Victorian penny dreadfuls, urban legend, and later a Broadway musical and Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp. The character, who first appeared in The String of Pearls

Manson Family Found Guilty – But Did Charlie Actually Kill Anyone?

January 25, 1971 stands as the date when the Manson Family officially went down. It was on that day that a Los Angeles court convicted homicidal hippie cult leader Charles Manson and three of his female followers — Susan Atkins,