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Crime History: Al “Scarface” Capone Goes Down For Tax Evasion

On October 17, 1931, Alphonse “Scarface” Capone, the larger-than-life (and death) Chicago mob boss who built a vast, shockingly powerful organized crime empire on brutal intimidation and savage violence, toppled from his throne not by way of rival gangster warfare

The Convoluted Inner World & Secret Codes Of Dennis “BTK” Rader

Forensic psychologist Katherine Ramsland’s book Confession of a Serial Killer: The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, The BTK Killer, is very different from most books written about serial killers. Probably 80 percent of the words within its covers are Rader’s own;

Joseph M. Harris: “Ninja” USPS Worker “Goes Postal” With Gun, Grenades & Sword

RIDGEWOOD, NJ — In the early morning hours of October 10, 1991, former U.S. Postal Service clerk Joseph M. Harris — dressed in a full ninja costume — broke into the home of his one-time supervisor Carol Ott, 30. Related:

These Grisly Dollhouse Crime Scenes From The 1930s And ’40s Are Still Helping To Train Investigators

Frances Glessner Lee was born in 1878 in Chicago, but grew up in New Hampshire. She was the heiress to the International Harvester fortune, and lived a life of privilege. She lived a pretty typical life for a society girl

Rhonda Bell Martin: The Waitress Who Poisoned Her Mom, 2 Husbands & 3 Kids

MONTGOMERY, AL — Just prior to midnight on October 11, 1957, 49-year-old former waitress Rhonda Bell Martin consumed a hamburger, mashed potatoes, cinnamon rolls, and coffee. Such was her last meal. Related: Betty Neumar — “The Black Widow Granny” &

The Juice Is Loose: O.J. Simpson Sprung From Jail Near Acquittal Anniversary

LAS VEGAS, NV — After nine years in prison for armed robbery, NFL legend turned notorious lawbreaker O.J. Simpson, 70, walked free in the early morning hours of October 1, 2017. Authorities intentionally dispatched Simpson overnight to downplay the hoopla

Mel Ignatow: How A Sexual Sadist Used Double Jeopardy To Get Away With Murder

LOUISVILLE, KY — On September 23, 1988, Mel Ignatow, 50, raped, tortured, and murdered Brenda Schaefer, 36, his romantic partner of two years — and he got away with it. Related: Millionaire Businessman Allegedly Planned Estranged Wife’s Kidnapping And Torture

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: What The Jury Didn’t See

The case of the People v. O.J. Simpson became known as the “Trial of the Century” and had millions glued to their television sets. Most people arrived at their own verdict by reading the press and watching TV — and many

This Rapist And Murderer Was The First To Be Convicted With DNA Profiling Evidence

LEICESTER, ENGLAND — On September 19, 1987, police arrested Colin Pitchfork, who brutally beat, raped, and strangled to death two 15-year-old girls. But the brutality of the murders was not the only reason that the case attained notoriety: Pitchfork would become

Who Killed The Masked Marvel? Hollywood Movie Star Murder Still A Mystery

HOLLYWOOD, CA — On September 13, 1943, David Gaspar Bacon, a handsome and wealthy playboy who found fame playing “The Masked Marvel” in the movies, was the victim of a fatal stabbing. Bacon’s murder mystery — which is still unsolved

Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins: Rape, Cannibalism, Serial Killing — & No Regrets

COLUMBIA, SC — In the hours leading up to September 6, 1991, Donald Henry “Pee Wee” Gaskins, 58, slit his wrists with a razor he had smuggled into his death row cell by swallowing it days earlier. Execution loomed just

“That Woman Was Really Sweet”: The Italian Serial Killer Who Turned Her Victims Into Soap & Cake

CORREGGIO, ITALY — In 1939, Italian serial killer — and mother of four — Leonarda Cianciulli, better known as the “Soap-Maker of Correggio,” is alleged to have murdered three women, and then cut up their bodies and turned them into

The Colorado Cannibal Who Cooked & Ate Her Boyfriend

ALAMOSA, CO — In January 1994, pickled body parts belonging to 51-year-old Peter Michael Green, who had been reported missing in late 1993, were found in the apartment of his girlfriend, Carolyn Gloria Blanton, 41. Related: Man Who Beheaded, Cannibalized

Killer Couple: Danny & Janice Buttrum Commit Rape & Murder Next To Their Baby

DALTON, GA — While growing up, Janice Buttrum, the youngest woman ever sentenced to death in the state of Georgia, knew only violence, neglect, and sexual terror. Shuffled throughout childhood between her impoverished, fatally alcoholic step-parents and a series of

Killer Couple: “The Sunset Strip Killers” Doug Clark & Carol Bundy Terrorized L.A.

LOS ANGELES, CA — In 1980, “Tinseltown” looked to be transforming into “Murder City, USA,” as more than 1,200 homicides were committed within the city limits of Los Angeles. Many of those L.A. crimes also proved to be particularly bizarre

Killer Couple: Murderous Lesbian Teens Holly Harvey & Sandra Ketchum

FAYETTEVILLE, GA — By summertime 2004, 15-year-old Holly Harvey had unquestionably lived a difficult life. Abused from birth by a multiply addicted single mom who had recently gone to jail, Holly relocated that April to live with her grandparents, Carl

Killer Couple: Charlene & Gerald Gallego, “The Sex Slave Killers”

Between 1978 and 1980, married sexual sadists and serial murderers Charlene Adelle Gallego and Gerald Armond Gallego killed a total of 10 victims in and around Nevada and northern California. All but one of those who fell prey to the

Killer Couple: James Marlow & Cynthia Coffman — Serial Murder & BDSM In California

BARSTOW, CA — In early 1986, career criminal James Gregory Marlow, 29, got stuck with a short jail stint for stealing his sixth wife’s car. It was an easy stretch for Marlow, especially compared to his from a previous time

10 Little-Known Facts About Lizzie Borden

She looms large in the annals of American lore: Lizzie Borden, the woman who “took an axe” to her parents, bestowing “40 whacks” on one, and “41” on the other. On August 4, 1892, Abby and Andrew Borden were found hacked

Crime History: The Vampire “Acid Bath Killer” Who Drank Victims’ Blood And Dissolved Their Bones

LONDON, ENGLAND — On August 10, 1948, John George Haigh, also known as Britain’s infamous “Acid Bath Killer,” was put to death by infamous executioner Albert Pierrepoint at Wandsworth Prison in London. Haigh was charming, handsome, well-dressed and — to