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Who Killed The Masked Marvel? Hollywood Movie Star Murder Still A Mystery

HOLLYWOOD, CA — On September 13, 1943, David Gaspar Bacon, a handsome and wealthy playboy who found fame playing “The Masked Marvel” in the movies, was the victim of a fatal stabbing. Bacon’s murder mystery — which is still unsolved

Ex-Husband Of Realtor Who Went Missing Before Hurricane Harvey Charged With Murder

CHAMBERS COUNTY, TX — The body of Crystal McDowell, the Texas real estate agent who vanished right before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, was found in a marshy wooded area on Saturday, authorities said. Police have arrested Steven McDowell, 44, the

Teen Kills Mom When She Says He Can’t Keep Puppy: Police

WHEATFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI — Nineteen-year-old Andrew David Willson has been charged with fatally shooting his mother, Lisa Marie Willson, 51, as she lay sleeping. Related: “Mama’s Under the Porch” — John Wayne Gacy Fan Kills Mom, Buries Her in Barrel

Subway Creep in a Santa Hat Busted For Groping Women — Again

BROOKLYN, NY — The Santa-hat wearing creeper who was busted back in February after molesting two women at a Manhattan subway station has struck again, according to police. David Cruz-Rodriguez, 33, was arrested by a Parks Enforcement officer in Brighton

Man Claiming To Be ‘Jesus’ Slaughters Aunt And Uncle Who Raised Him: Police

A Michigan man who supposedly said he was Jesus is behind bars for allegedly murdering his aunt and uncle. WJBK reports that Joseph Borowiak, 37, was arraigned on Tuesday in a Warren courthouse on two counts of murder. He’s accused of

Serial Killer Superfan Murders Mother, Hides Her Body Under Porch: Police

Police believe the suspect may have been inspired by serial killer John Wayne Gacy An Alabama man is accused of murdering his mother and burying her body under a porch. According to, investigators dug under the porch of Nathaniel

Hilma Marie Witte Convinced Her Loyal Sons To Kill For Her

VALPARAISO, IN — On September 1, 1981, a 15-year-old named Eric Witte shot his father, 43-year-old volunteer firefighter Paul Witte, in the family’s northern Indiana home. Related: A Mother, Murder & Munchausen: The Strange Story Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard But this

Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins: Rape, Cannibalism, Serial Killing — & No Regrets

COLUMBIA, SC — In the hours leading up to September 6, 1991, Donald Henry “Pee Wee” Gaskins, 58, slit his wrists with a razor he had smuggled into his death row cell by swallowing it days earlier. Execution loomed just

Sicko Allegedly Rapes Brain-Injured Stroke Victim In Bronx Hospital Bed

BRONX, NY — The NYPD has arrested Keith Nembhard, 37, for raping a 32-year-old stroke victim in her bed at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital [Wikimedia Commons] A nurse reportedly walked in on Bronx resident Nembhard in the process of committing

5 Naughty Nurses Suspended For Admiring Man’s Genitals As He Lay Dying (& Dead)

DENVER, CO — Five nurses at the Denver Health Medical Center were placed on three-week suspension after they allegedly gawked at a male patient’s genitals as he lay dying. Later, reportedly, after the patient had passed away, some of the

The Creepy Clowns Are Back: Pennsylvania Cops “Terrified” After Finding Red Balloons On Grates

LITITZ, PA — Police in a small Pennsylvania town have said that they were “completely terrified” after someone put red balloons on sewer grates similar to the ones in the movie It. Related: #Clownpocalypse2016: Creepy Clown Crime Wave Is No