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Crime History: John Joubert, The “Schoolboy Snatcher,” Died With His Head On Fire

LINCOLN, NE — On July 17, 1996, Nebraska prison officials secured convicted serial killer and sexually sadistic pedophile John Joseph Joubert into the state’s official electric chair. The execution of the so-called “Schoolboy Snatcher” did not go smoothly. After the

Did An “Online Death Cult” Focused On Reptilians, Witches, And Aliens Drive A Woman To Kill Her Boyfriend?

COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, PA — A Pennsylvania man allegedly murdered by his girlfriend on Saturday may have asked her to kill him to escape a cult that warned about alien invasions and the end of days, investigators revealed. Related: UFO Expert Sends

“The Chappaquiddick Incident”: The Dead Girl And Fatal Car Crash That Derailed Ted Kennedy’s Presidential Ambitions

CHAPPAQUIDDICK ISLAND, MA — On July 18, 1969, U.S. Senator Edwin “Ted” Kennedy was driving a car on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts, after a day of sailing and heavy drinking when, according to his later testimony, after missing a turn he

“Society Had Their Chance”: James Huberty And The 1984 “Hunting Humans” McDonald’s Massacre

SAN YSIDRO, CA — At just before 4 P.M. on July 18, 1984, 41-year-old James Oliver Huberty stepped into a McDonald’s restaurant armed with a 9mm Browning HP semi-automatic pistol, an Uzi 9mm submachine gun, and a Winchester 1200 pump

Is R. Kelly Holding Women Hostage In An Abusive Sex Cult?

Shocking new allegations have surfaced that R. Kelly is allegedly running an abusive “sex cult,” according to a report published by BuzzFeed.  Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — all former members of Kelly’s inner circle — told BuzzFeed that Kelly controls the lives of

You Might See O.J. Simpson Get Paroled On Live TV On Thursday

LOVELOCK, NV — Twenty-two years after he was controversially acquitted on live TV in the “Trial of the Century,” O.J. Simpson will appear on television screens around the U.S. again for his latest parole hearing in Nevada. The hearing will be

Sucking Out “The Black Reaper”: Occult Teen Sex And Murder In Texas

GALVESTON, TX — Sixty-five-year-old “Mexican card reader” Jose Leyva has been charged, along with three accomplices, in the May 23 murder of Francisco Esparza, 64. Related: The BBQ Murders — LSD, Burning Bodies, And The “Teen Witch” Who Commanded To

The Booher Family Mass Murder And The Mind-Reader Who Cracked The Case

MANNVILLE, ALBERTA, CANADA — On the evening of July 8, 1928, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police received a terrified phone call from a neighbor of the wealthy Booher family, who claimed that a mass murder had been committed on their

Crime History: When Lindsay Lohan Went To Jail And Then Didn’t — Over and Over Again

LOS ANGELES, CA — On July 6, 2010, Hollywood bad girl starlet Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail. That legal decree set off 18 months of “celebrity justice” for the troubled actress, a phenomenon that may or may not resemble the version

Boyfriend Of Woman Whose Butchered Body Parts Were Found In Brooklyn Is Charged With Murder

HACKENSACK, NJ — Authorities have charged the boyfriend of a New Jersey night club manager whose dismembered remains were found in a New York City waterway with her murder. Related: DNA Links Unidentified “Peaches” Torso From 1997 To 2011 Long

Ax-Wielding Juggalo Arrested After Standoff Demanding Radio Station Play “My Axe” By Insane Clown Posse

MEDFORD, MA — Authorities arrested an unidentified man armed with an ax outside Medford radio station KISS 108 on Monday. The suspect had shown up to request the song “My Axe” by Insane Clown Posse. A three-hour standoff with police

Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Said She “Blacked Out” During Caylee’s Death

Casey Anthony’s trial lawyer has revealed that he believes his client “snapped” and “blacked out” the events that occurred the day of her daughter Caylee’s death. Related: The Many Lies Of Casey Anthony: 4 Times Her Story Didn’t Match The

Exclusive: NYPD “Cannibal Cop” Gil Valle Discusses “Extreme And Disturbing” New Horror Novel

NEW YORK, NY — Gil Valle, the NYPD officer who was given the nickname the “Cannibal Cop” in 2012 after he got caught allegedly planning to kidnap, torture, kill, cook, and eat women, has penned a new horror novel —

Pat Allanson, The Sadistic Southern Belle Who Allegedly Got Away With Multiple Murders

On the night of July 3, 1974, while the residents of Zebulon, Georgia, were busy celebrating Independence Day with picnics and fireworks, prominent local couple Walter and Carolyn Allanson were viciously gunned down in the basement of their home. Earlier

Parents Arrive Home To Find Babysitter Sexually Assaulting Infant Girl, Taking Photos: Report

The family friend had only been left alone with the baby for a few minutes A Missouri man has been charged with statutory sodomy after the parents of an infant girl walked on him allegedly assaulting the baby while masturbating

Woman’s Blood Reportedly Found Inside Boyfriend’s Bathroom Just Days After Police Found Her Torso And Leg In River

A woman’s torso and leg was found washed up in two different areas in New York City on Saturday and reportedly, her blood has been found inside her boyfriend’s apartment. New York Daily News reports that authorities discovered the decapitated and

Infant Organs Found In Child-Sized Casket On Sidewalk Possibly ‘Dug From A Fresh Grave’: Police

Police are investigating a possible connection to a Satanic ritual Philadelphia police are investigating a horrifying and bizarre discovery: A casket filled with infant organs left on a city sidewalk. According to ABC 6, on Monday night police were called