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That’s Bass-Ackwards! Josh Duggar Demands $ From Lawsuit Over HIS OWN Alleged Molestation Of His Sisters!

Josh Duggar is joining his sisters’ lawsuit against the town of Springdale, Arkansas, its police officials, and In Touch magazine for releasing police reports on his molestation case, reports TMZ. In 2015, the police documents detailing the molestation accusations were

Teen Boy Cuts Off Own Penis, Stabs Mother While High On Skunk Weed

A father is campaigning to have a drug reclassified after his teenage son cut off his own penis and stabbed his mother while under the drug’s influence. The teen rugby player was under the influence of skunk, a term for

Faith-Healing Family Charged With Murder When Newborn Dies Hours After Birth

Sister of newborn’s mom is serving a jail sentence for the same thing Parents of a newborn baby who died from breathing problems just hours after her birth have been charged with murder. According to KATU, Sarah Mitchell, 24, and