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A Look Back: Necrophiliac Serial Killer Joel Rifkin Arrested, Confessed To Killing 17 Victims

MINEOLA, LONG ISLAND — On June 28, 1993, Joel Rifkin, the unemployed landscaper who had killed 17 women and was driving around with one of their corpses in the back of his truck, was arrested. State troopers, after noticing Rifkin’s vehicle didn’t

“Hell’s Realtor Greets You”: Real Estate Rapist’s Facebook Posts Are A Window Into A Disturbed Mind

BUCKS COUNTY, PA — The Pennsylvania man who kept a detailed diary of rape fantasies and hundreds of real estate agents’ addresses on file in an attempt to lure an agent to a house and attack her has disturbing messages on

Houseboat Driver Who Ran Over Little Girl And Cut Off Father’s Legs Drove At Full Throttle Over Bystander’s Screams: Report

The little girl had just taken her very first boat ride before the horrifying accident that took her life The houseboat driver arrested in connection with the tragic, horrifying death of a four-year-old girl this weekend was allegedly warned by

Mother Of Two, Former Beauty Queen Dies After Boyfriend Douses Her In Gasoline And Sets Her On Fire

Judy Malinowski lived for almost two years after the horrific attack Two years after her ex-boyfriend committed an unthinkable act of violence, Judy Malinowski lost her life at age 33 as a direct result of his heinous actions. On August 2,

Police: Creepy Sex Offender Had Vasectomy ‘In Case He Was Able To Have Unprotected Sex’ With Little Girl

A Phoenix man is behind bars after police say he was planning to have sex with a child, and even underwent a vasectomy procedure so that he could have unprotected sex with the victim. ABC 15 reports that David Hogan, 55,

“Women And Children Are Target Practice”: The Link Between Domestic Violence And Mass Shootings

Another day; another mass shooting with a suspect who has a long history of violence against women. The man who is suspected of shooting at GOP members of Congress during practice for their annual baseball game on Wednesday morning, wounding

YouTube Singing Sensation Austin Jones Hit With Child Porn Charges

CHICAGO, IL — A 24-year-old YouTube sensation whose music videos have been viewed millions of times was charged in federal court Tuesday with two counts of production of child pornography. Prosecutors say Austin Jones, a pop singer in Chicago who has

In 1892, This Murdering Mom Was The World’s First Criminal To Be Found Guilty By Fingerprint Evidence

On June 19, 1892, Argentinian mother of two Francisca Rojas became the first criminal in the world to be found guilty through fingerprint evidence. Rojas, 27, murdered her two children at their home in Necochea, Buenos Aires Providence. Her six-year-old son, Ponciano

Happily Never After: 5 Homicidal Honeymoons

Honeymoons are supposed to be an idyllic time when just-married couples celebrate their union and spend lots of romantic and relaxing time together. But for some couples, the dream vacation turns to a nightmare — and “till death to us part”

Capital Murder Charges For Suspect Who Stabbed 4-Year-Old Daughter To Death In An ‘Angry Rage’

A Texas woman who reportedly stabbed her 4-year-old daughter on Sunday is being charged with capital murder. HCSO reports that Laquita Lewis, 34, was arrested in Northwest Houston on Sunday night, after police found her daughter’s lifeless body inside an apartment

Police: Woman Hits, Chokes, Bites, Strips Young Child’s Clothes Off At Beach, While Shoving Sand In Her Face And Eyes

The ‘mom’ claims she was getting rid of her child’s ‘demons’ during an attempted exorcism A California woman was arrested on Friday after she reportedly bit, hit, and choked her 11-year-old daughter during what police are calling an “attempted exorcism.” Sacramento

Menendez Brothers: 5 Refresher Facts About The Killer Siblings

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — Death came loud and ugly to the $5 million palatial estate of Jose and Kitty Menendez on August 20, 1989. That night, while the couple watched television, their sons Lyle, 21, and Erik, 28, stormed the

Search Continues For Suspect In Triple Murder: Mom And Two Daughters Dead (Update – Suspect Arrested)

The murdered bodies of an Ohio woman and her two adult daughters were discovered Sunday evening by a family friend reported Cleveland’s News 5. Suzanne Taylor, 45, and her daughters, Taylor Pifer, 21, and Kiley Pifer – who would have

‘The Little Girl Was Tortured’: Preteen Brutally Beaten With Hammer And Stabbed To Death, Suspect Was Out On PAROLE For Assault

A 12-year-old girl has been found dead in Chicago. Alexis Stubbs was brutally beaten, suffering blunt trauma, and stabbed to death, CBS Chicago reports. Police already apprehended a suspect. John Singleton, 31, has been charged with first-degree murder. He was out on

‘Mom’ Jailed After 8-Month-Old Boy Overdoses On Meth

A Carroll County, Kentucky, woman was arrested after her 8-month-old son overdosed on heroin on Saturday. WAVE 3 reports that Child Protective Services (CPS) called the Kentucky State Police (KSP) after doctors treated an 8-month-old boy at the Norton Children’s Hospital

Was A Dying Boy Given Illegal Drugs By A Prominent Doctor To Speed Up His Death And Preserve His Organs For Donation?

Authorities in Los Angeles County are investigating an accusation that an anesthesiologist purposely administered a powerful painkiller to a dying boy in order to speed up his death and harvest his organs. Los Angeles Times reports that Dr. Judith Brill,

Can Parents Turn Their Kids Into Psychopaths?

Are psychopaths born or made that way through childhood experiences? We’ve all heard the stories of the tragic childhoods of some of the worst criminal monsters out there. Charles Manson was the son of a teen prostitute who had to

“The Internet’s First Serial Killer”: John Edward Robinson, The “Internet Slavemaster”

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS — To his neighbors, John Edward Robinson was a churchgoing family man. But on June 2, 2000, Kansas City police arrested Robinson at his farm after a woman filed a sexual-battery complaint against him, and another charged

5 Celebs Who Have Defended Bill Cosby (And Why Their Arguments Are Just Wrong)

Kanye West once took to Twitter to make a very vehement declaration: “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” he tweeted. Unfortunately, this was not the start of one of Kanye’s Twitter rants, so he offered no further explanation for his defense of the entertainer.

Henry Adolph Busch: The Killer Who Claimed The Movie “Psycho” Made Him Do It

SAN QUENTIN, CA — On June 6, 1962, 30-year-old Hollywood optical technician Henry Adolph “Sonny” Busch breathed his last inside the gas chamber at California’s San Quentin prison. A judge and jury condemned Busch to die for the murders of