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Trump Campaign Manager Busted In Massive PizzaGate Arrests

Over 3500 arrests have been made in the PizzaGate child sex trafficking scandal. Among those arrested are high profile members of the military, politicians, and even one of Donald Trump’s campaign managers. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special

Madeleine McCann Case: Were Tony And John Podesta Involved?

Updates on the Madeleine McCann case reveal that brothers John and Tony Podesta might be involved. Could it be considered a progress on the Madeleine McCann case or just mere speculations? Rumors are rife that brothers John and Tony Podesta

Real-Life American Psychos Who Murder For Money: The Rise Of The Red-Collar Criminal

Currently, the FBI and law-enforcement agencies define white-collar criminals as “nonviolent” offenders whose primary motive is money. But experts have identified another subset of criminals who commit financial crime, and then resort to extreme violence when their fraud is exposed. Just

The Devil Told Him To: “Vampire” Killed Boy And Drank His Blood

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 38, admitted in a videotaped confession to police that he hit David Cardenas in the head with a pipe and slit his throat on April 18, 1998. Vasquez, who became known as a “vampire” killer, claimed he was following orders

“Facebook Killer” Ordered McNuggets During His Final Moments; Abused Pet Bird As A Child

New details are being revealed about the last moments and disturbing childhood habits of Steve Stephens, the gunman who reportedly killed an elderly Cleveland resident in cold blood and posted footage of the murder on Facebook. Stephens, 37, allegedly gunned down

Did Aaron Hernandez Die An Innocent Man? Lawyer Suspects Foul Play

It was already surprising when Aaron Hernandez seemingly chose to end his life right after being acquitted last week of a 2012 double murder. But now one of Aaron Hernandez’s lawyers has hinted that there may be more to the former

Facebook: The PizzaGate Playground

The social media giant Facebook has become a virtual playground for pedophiles, perverts, child traffickers and others who would want to harm our children. David Zublick exposes the horrible truth in this special report!

The “In Cold Blood” Murders: 6 Pop-Culture Interpretations

Even if they hadn’t been immortalized in Truman Capote’s landmark book, In Cold Blood, the 1959 murders of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas, would stun as an unthinkable tragedy visited upon the most unlikely victims in the most unlikely

Crime History: The Sad Death Of Sam Sheppard, The Doctor Who Inspired “The Fugitive”

On April 6, 1970, Dr. Samuel Holmes Sheppard succumbed to liver failure, the result of long-term alcohol overindulgence that had turned toxic. Looking at the big picture of Sam Sheppard’s circumstances, it’s unfortunately easy to understand how he turned to

Could Polish Serial Killer George Chapman Have Been Jack The Ripper?

On April 7, 1903, Polish serial killer George Chapman — who some experts believe could have been Jack the Ripper — was executed by hanging at Wandsworth Prison after police connected him to the poisoning deaths of three women. Chapman, who was

Crime History: The “Vampire Killer” Who Murdered His Own Grandmother To Drink Her Blood

On April 10, 1980, James P. Riva II brutally murdered his disabled grandmother because, as he later told investigators, he was a vampire who needed to drink her blood. Riva beat 74-year-old Carmen Lopez in her wheelchair, stabbed her through the

“Tiger Woman” Louise Peete, Who Left Trail Of Bodies In Her Wake, Gets The Gas Chamber

On April 11, 1947, Louise Peete took her final seat in the death house at California’s San Quentin State Prison. Despite overwhelming evidence, comically unbelievable alibis, and the unmistakable fact of dead bodies piling up repeatedly in her wake, the

The Many Lies Of Casey Anthony: 4 Times Her Story Didn’t Match The Facts

Much of the firestorm surrounding the 2008 disappearance and death of two-year-old Caylee Anthony was infamously inflamed by the reported falsehoods and fabrications of Casey Anthony, the toddler’s mother who eventually stood trial for the girl’s murder — and beat

Elite Military Force Deployed To Wage PizzaGate Armageddon

An elite military force has been deployed to wage a pedogate apocalypse. Veterans For Child Rescue (V4CR), as they note on their new website, “was formed specifically to EXPOSE that which has been covered up and suppressed – the dark

Crime History: Jason Massey, Serial Killer Fan Turned Teen Murderer, Executed In 2001

On April 3, 2001, Jason Eric Massey, 28, spoke his last words in the death chamber of the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville. Related: Karla Faye Tucker Was the First Woman Executed in Texas Since 1863 While awaiting execution, Massey

Prison Records Reveal Suspected Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Was A Seriously Disturbed Teen

Newly released records from the Arizona Department of Corrections reveal details about alleged South Carolina killer Todd Kohlhepp’s criminal history, which stretches back to the time he was arrested for rape at only 15 years old. Kohlhepp was arrested last year after police

John Gotti: Guilty Verdict Finally Sticks To The Mob’s “Teflon Don” In 1992

BROOKLYN, NY — Between the 1985 public execution of mob boss Paul Castellano and the 1990 FBI raid on his Ravenite Social Club in Queens, sharp-dressed gangster overlord John Gotti took pride in the nickname he’d acquired — “the Teflon

Murdered! Scalia’s Remains To Be Exhumed!

The sudden and unexpected loss of the great Antonin Scalia was a blow to the American justice system that will be felt for years to come. A relatively young man, Justice Scalia was thought to be a conservative staple who