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PizzaGate: The Vatican Connection

Is the Roman Catholic Church involved in PizzaGate? Was a pope murdered because of his knowledge of an elite and secret organization’s connection to pedophilia? Is the current pope dismissing the scandal as fake news because he knows the names

OJ Simpson Set To Walk Free 24 Years Early To Enjoy Pension Millions

DISGRACED former American football star OJ Simpson is set to walk free from prison exactly nine years into his 33-year sentence. A parole board hearing scheduled for the week beginning July 3 – six days before his 70th birthday –

Police To Quiz Girlfriend Over British UFO Conspiracy Theorist’s Mystery Death After He Vomited Two Liters Of Black Fluid

A science fiction writer will be quizzed by police on suspicion of killing a British conspiracy theorist who died suddenly on her sofa. Max Spiers, 39, sought to expose government cover-ups and investigated UFO sightings — after, his mum says,

Crime History: Were The Witches Of Salem Really Burned At The Stake?

We’ve all heard the stories about the Salem Witch Trials — the urban legends up to and including variations on the story of Bloody Mary, and stories of the haunted school in Danvers, Massachusetts (site of the original Salem Village),

Arrest Made In Cold Case Of Missing Beauty Queen Tara Grinstead

OCILLA, GA — Police have announced that an arrest has been made in the case of a teacher and former beauty queen who vanished 11 years ago. Ryan Alexander Duke, 33, has been charged with the 2005 killing of Tara Grinstead, 30.

Crime History: Jean Harris, The Jilted Lover Who Murdered Famous Diet Doctor

It was February 24, 1981, that Jean Harris was found guilty for the murder of her longtime partner, Dr. Herman Tarnower. At 10:56 on the night of March 10, 1980, police in White Plains, New York, received a call from the

Did George Washington Confess to Murder? We Cannot Tell A Lie…

George Washington. America’s first president. Commander-in-chief of the U.S forces in the Revolutionary War. The father of our country. The guy who copped as a kid to chopping down his father’s favorite cherry tree. That (along with his allegedly wooden

A Look Back At The Mysterious Assassination Of President Abraham Lincoln

On April 14th, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was seated in the presidential box above the audience at the Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C., with his wife for a performance of Our American Cousin. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln [Currier & Ives/Public Domain] An

The Men Who Knew Too Much About PizzaGate

Many who have tried to bring the truth to light about PizzaGate have either lost their jobs, their reputations, gone dark, disappeared or died. David Zublick breaks down the horrible truth in this special report! RELATED STORY: Journalist Threatened For

Is Roman Polanski Finally Going To Face The Music In His 1977 Child-Rape Case?

Anyone who thinks celebrities get different treatment from the rest can really make a compelling argument just by using two words: “Roman” and “Polanski.” In 1977, the acclaimed director of Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and Chinatown (1974) added “accused child rapist”

Elvis’s Granddaughters In Protective Custody Over What Lisa Marie Found On Her Husband’s Computer

The King must be rolling in his grave. Elvis Presley’s twin granddaughters have been taken into state custody by social workers after their mom, Lisa Marie Presley, claimed she found “disturbing” photos and videos of children on their father’s computer.

German Woman ‘Decapitated Lover With Circular Saw In Bizarre Sex Game’

A woman has gone on trial in Munich on charges of murdering her lover with an electric circular saw. The 32-year-old woman, named only as Gabrielle P under German privacy laws, is accused of killing her boyfriend while he was

Jerry Sandusky’s Son Arrested For Child Sex Assault

The adopted son of Jerry Sandusky – the former Penn State University football coach convicted of child sex abuse – has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a child. WTAJ reported that Jeffrey S. Sandusky, 41, was arraigned Monday

PizzaGate Pedophile Victim’s Mom Speaks Out In Exclusive Tell-All! Nancy Pelosi Connected! Arrests Happening Now!

The mother of a PizzaGate pedophile victim breaks her silence and speaks out in this explosive and EXCLUSIVE interview. Nancy Pelosi is connected. Plus…an update on the massive nationwide arrests happening now in the Pizzagate scandal. David Zublick brings you

Crime History: The “Beast Of Jersey” Was A Real-Life Boogeyman

We’ve all heard tales of the Boogeyman, but for 13 kids in the 1960s, the nightmares were absolutely real. THE BACKGROUND The man who became known as the “Beast of Jersey” was born Edward John Louis Paisnel in 1925. Jersey is

Flesh For Fantasy: “Cannibal Cop” Says He Still Visits Fetish Websites

Gilberto Valle, the former NYPD officer nicknamed “Cannibal Cop” by the media, has revealed that he still visits flesh-eating fetish websites “on occasion.”  He said: “It’s not a crime to fantasize about people you know. It’s not a crime to fantasize

NEW DA Probe: Was Reporter Dorothy Kilgallen Murdered Over JFK Mob Info?

NEW YORK, NY — Fifty-one years after the death of syndicated newspaper columnist and What’s My Line? TV personality Dorothy Kilgallen, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has opened a new probe into her suspicious demise. Related: The Mysterious Death of

It’s Been Ten Years Since Anna Nicole Smith Died Of A Drug Overdose

It’s been ten years since Anna Nicole Smith was found dead, on February 8, 2007, at her hotel in Hollywood, Florida. According to the medical examiner, she had accidentally overdosed on at least nine prescription drugs. She was 39 years

‘My Intestines Were Out’ Dad ‘Had To Stuff His Entrails Back Into His Stomach When His Ex-Wife Disemboweled Him After 4 Hour Sex Session’

Dalya Saeed had argued with her estranged husband about their daughter before the pair ended up romping By MARK HODGE 7th February 2017, 5:36 pm A DISTRAUGHT dad has told a court how his ex-wife tried to disembowel him minutes

Breaking: Arrests Imminent In #PizzaGate Scandal – Names Named!

An FBI whistleblower has confirmed that 30 politicians and 40 other individuals are to be arrested in Washington D.C. and New York City in connection with the “Pizzagate” pedophile ring, and more suspects are under investigation as the investigation continues