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PizzaGate Bombshell: Alefantis Kill Room Located! Investigator’s Life Threatened!

State of the Nation The worldwide Pizzagate Citizens Investigation has been in a bit of a doldrums these past couple of weeks.  Most of us, however, knew it was just a matter of time before the investigation broke wide open.

‘Werewolf’ Serial Killer Admits To Murdering 59 Others

A Russian already convicted of killing 22 women has confessed to 59 more murders — making him the world’s third most prolific serial killer  and his country’s worst, according to published reports. Mikhail “The Werewolf” Popkov, a former Siberian cop,

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Arrested For Connection To Mass Murder!

America experienced its worst mass shooting in history when a gunman murdered 49 people at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in June of 2016. Unfortunately, the wheels of justice can move very slowly. That’s because SEVEN MONTHS after Omar Mateen

Woman Accused Of Stabbing Her Toddler Believed Her Son ‘Was The Soul Of Hitler,’ Cellmate Says

When Egypt Robinson’s son was found dead, the 3-year-old boy’s body was inside a suitcase that had been left in a swamp at the back of a Florida house. Prosecutors say Robinson stabbed her son the day after Christmas in

Best Of 2016: Most Intriguing True Crime Cases

Let’s talk true crime. Society’s unwavering obsession with understanding, dissecting and chronicling each and every detail behind humanity’s most reprehensible acts is certainly nothing new. And lucky for pop culture fanatics, the genre has undoubtedly become stitched into the very

The ‘Heinous’ Case Of A Child Whose Mother Allegedly Kept Him Locked In A Bathroom For Months

On a January evening, deputies in Utah responded to a hospital where a father had taken his 12-year-old son. “Investigators began to follow up on the circumstances which led to the child’s hospitalization,” a Washington County Sheriff’s Office news release said. “The child

Suspects Use Facebook Live To Stream Heinous Crime

Four suspects were arrested by Chicago Police Wednesday after they used Facebook Live, a recently debuted feature from the social media giant, to record themselves torturing a man. A woman posted the 30-minute video of her and three others beating