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#PizzaGate Shockumentary – They’re Drinking Children’s Blood!

PizzaGate is worse than anyone imagined. Reporters are being silenced, and the truth about what these children are being used for is too horrible to believe. David Zublick reveals what the elite are doing to these kids, and for what

Did A Wealthy Florida Doctor Murder His Mysterious Model Wife?

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Samira Frasch’s body was found by a maintenance man on February 22, 2104, at the bottom of the family swimming pool, her wig askew and her face bearing a fresh wound from a blunt object. The 38-year-old Samira

Crime History: Ted Bundy Dies Weeping In The Electric Chair As Crowds Cheer

Notorious serial rapist, murderer, and necrophile Theodore Robert Bundy, 42, spent the early hours of January 24, 1989, in prayer. He also couldn’t stop crying. The previously arrogant and cocksure slayer and violator of at least 36 women (some sources

Distressing Footage Shows ‘Possessed’ Girl Kicking And Screaming As Locals ‘Exorcise Demon From Her’

Horror footage shows a ‘possessed’ girl kicking and screaming as locals ‘ exorcise a demon from her body.’ The 11-year-old comes in an out of consciousness as a number of adults grab at her and scream “God almighty” while ‘trying

A Look Back: The Real Sweeney Todd, “Demon Barber Of Fleet Street,” Executed

Sweeney Todd is best known as the fictional murderous barber who was immortalized in Victorian penny dreadfuls, urban legend, and later a Broadway musical and Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp. The character, who first appeared in The String of Pearls

Manson Family Found Guilty – But Did Charlie Actually Kill Anyone?

January 25, 1971 stands as the date when the Manson Family officially went down. It was on that day that a Los Angeles court convicted homicidal hippie cult leader Charles Manson and three of his female followers — Susan Atkins,

Six Years Later: Who Is The Long Island Serial Killer?

On January 25, 2011, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer confirmed that the dead bodies police found in Long Island were all women who worked as escorts, advertised on Craigslist — and were probably murdered by a serial killer. The bodies of Maureen Brainard-Barnes,

Demented ‘House Of Horrors’ Serial Baby Killer Blames The Church For His Incarceration And Believes He Will Be Freed

Kermit Gosnell is serving a life sentence for killing several babies but, believing he’ll be freed soon, he has been training from prison for a triathlon. LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – Gosnell was convicted of several counts of murder

U.S. Government To Vaccinate Against “Religion”

A video of a top secret presentation at the Pentagon has come to light with details of a vaccine developed to change the genetic make-up of a potential terrorist, through reprogramming of the human brain against religious fanaticism. Will this

Jack The Ripper & Why He Was Never Nabbed: Bruce Robinson Rips Apart The Freemasons

In a festival that talks about ‘nicer’ things like poetry, feminism, nationalism, religion, sexuality, memory functions, and more, two men sat down to talk about a serial killer’s ‘hideous deeds of violence’. Author, director, actor, screenwriter (phew!) Bruce Robinson and

The Angel Of Death’s Tortured Auschwitz Victims: Body Parts And BRAINS From Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele’s Sick Experiments Are Discovered In A Munich Research Lab

Remains were found during renovations at a Psychiatric Institute last year In wartime, the unit received body parts from Nazi doctor Josef Mengele He was dubbed the ‘Angel of Death’ for carrying out horrific experiments Research committee has already started

6 Case Studies That Point To A Massive Child Pedophile Ring At The Highest Levels Of Power

(Before It’s News)  The Last American Vagabond With all the speculation surrounding the Clintons and the allegations that they are intimately tied to a massive child pedophilia ring that is interconnected with occult practices, we at The Last American Vagabond wanted to present the following case studies to

Teen Sets Man Sleeping On Subway Ablaze, Looks On Laughing

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn man fell asleep on the subway, only to wake up engulfed in flames, and police say it was no accident. “Over here, the skin is gone,” victim Piotr Olszewski told CBS2’s Brian Conybeare in an

Ricky Gray Execution: Serial Killer Who Butchered Family Of Four Put To Death Via Lethal Injection In Virginia

Ricky Gray and accomplice Ray Joseph Dandridge killed at least seven people including Bryan and Kathryn Harvey and their girls Stella, nine, and Ruby, aged just four. A serial killer has been executed in Virginia 11 years after he butchered

Federal Death Row: The Scary Supermax Prison Where Dylann Roof Will Wait To Die

When Dylann Roof was sentenced to die for opening fire and killing nine parishioners at a Black church in South Carolina, the 22-year-old white supremacist joined a small and notorious group of criminals on federal death row. Roof became the 63rd inmate

Judge Reinhold Pleads No Contest For TSA Meltdown, Says “I’m A Dumbass”

DALLAS, TEXAS — Judge Reinhold, star of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop, and other 1980s film favorites, pleaded no contest yesterday in regard to his December 8 outburst against Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents and Dallas police

Mom Gets Probation For Rape Of Boy, 13, Citing His “Nice Ass Body”

DOVER, DELAWARE — In November 2015, Elaine B. Goodman, 46, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree rape following her unlawful sexual interaction with her daughter’s 13-year-old boyfriend. Smyrna Police initially arrested Goodman after learning about her relationship with the teen. Investigators then

Top 10 Most Brutal Serial Killers Ever

Here’s a list of the 10 Most Brutal Serial Killers Ever.  These are definitely people you don’t ever want to run into on the street. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs, Scream… these movies featuring gruesome serial killers mercilessly

The 30 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History

Disturbing human experiments aren’t something the average person thinks too much about. Rather, the progress achieved in the last 150 years of human history is an accomplishment we’re reminded of almost daily. Achievements made in fields like biomedicine and psychology

The REAL Story Behind THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: The Notorious Killer Ed Gein

In 1974, director Tobe Hooper revolutionized horror with his “inspired by a true story” film, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Almost immediately after the film’s release, rumors began to circulate that there was an actual chainsaw wielding madman living with his